“Duende” means a heightened state of emotion.  The meaning of duende as in tener duende (having duende) is a rarely-explained concept in Spanish art, particularly flamenco, having to do with emotion, expression and authenticity.

Arts are boiling inside of me,
Flows through my veins.
Bearing weight, it elevates me,
Feeling the adrenaline under my skin.

Shaping tomorrow, destroying today
See what I’ve done, bringing the world to it’s knees.
So righteous, and so divine
See what I’ve done, bringing the best in me.

All my wishes are coming true,
No words can describe this dreamless nights.
Hold on until your dreams coming true,
I will fight for passion till I die.

A legacy we will leave,
I won’t let anybody stand in my path.
A path we will choose,
I won’t let anybody to change my fate.