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And even angels have their demons – Cristian Mihai

The truth is that at some deep unconscious level we’re all broken. The sad truth of this world is that we’ve all been broken, lied to, cheated, or left behind. We’ve all lost something and we all miss people we’ve never even met. We all attach a certain melancholic beauty to memories that never even […]

via And even angels have their demons — Cristian Mihai

Vox Populi: Voice of the people

Vox populi is a Latin phrase that literally means voice of the people.

Notice the lonely illusions,
It’s something we already know.
Notice the web of society confinement,
It’s something we should discuss and think.

Feel the pulse of victim,
Who stands waiting at the gate.
Feel the pulse of the people,
Who stands waiting and in hope for justice.

Turn the tide,
and conquer fear
It’s time to realize,
Turn the page
and conquer chaos.

Society: The Story of Everybody

They don’t teach you how to love somebody,

They don’t teach you how to be rich

They don’t teach you what to say to someone who’s dying,

Do They ?

You think you are only inside your skin,

And believe you are living.

You think you are only one wearing the mask,

And believe you are faking.

Don’t You ?

Create your own roadshow,

Think about what you have been programmed to.

We must fight to stay young,

We must fight to stay alive,

Give a moment to sit and ponder.

Tryst: A Secret Meeting

Tryst – a secretly scheduled meeting of two lovers.

We are a lover without a name,
Our world is in your hands.
We are a lover without a name,
It’s a dangerous meeting.

The time will come,
We are counting down the days.
The time will come,
Our souls will meet again and again.

They’re the ones to blame,
We are born this way.
They’re the ones responsible for actions,
We are born as human beings.

We are a lover without a name,
Our world is in your hands.
We are a lover without a name,
It’s a dangerous meeting.


“Duende” means a heightened state of emotion.  The meaning of duende as in tener duende (having duende) is a rarely-explained concept in Spanish art, particularly flamenco, having to do with emotion, expression and authenticity.

Arts are boiling inside of me,
Flows through my veins.
Bearing weight, it elevates me,
Feeling the adrenaline under my skin.

Shaping tomorrow, destroying today
See what I’ve done, bringing the world to it’s knees.
So righteous, and so divine
See what I’ve done, bringing the best in me.

All my wishes are coming true,
No words can describe this dreamless nights.
Hold on until your dreams coming true,
I will fight for passion till I die.

A legacy we will leave,
I won’t let anybody stand in my path.
A path we will choose,
I won’t let anybody to change my fate.

Earth Day: Wake up!!!








Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are,
is one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation.
I took a 10 day meditation course in Dehradun, Dhamma Salila (14th Febuary to 25th Febuary) in India.

Observing all the micro-vibrations,
Happiness follows you like a shadow.
Obseving all the world inside you,
Loves follows you wherever you go.

Living the life of true dhamma,
will penerate the realm of death.
Living the life of true dhamma,
will taste the nectar and pure bliss of life.

There the bhikkhus are concentrated,
have straightened their own minds.
Like a charioteer holding the reins,
the wise ones guard their faculties.

O Wanderers, explore yourself,
Seek a clear mind and clean heart.
O wanderers, explore yourself,
Go ahead and unlock the door.

Vivamus: “While we live, let us live”

Vivamus is a Latin phrase that means “While we live, let us live”.

This poems is all about female foeticide. For me it represents a crime not just against women, but against humanity in general as well.

She looks pale blue,

Looking for some clue.

Why THEY do that?

Can’t THEY see that?

She is your mother.

A friend, a lover.

Unfazed by obstacles,

Looking for hopeless miracles.

Just think and feel,

Look deep down in her eyes.

As pure as the great divine,

Her voice cowers and cries.

She gave us life,

Wearing a biggest smile.

As time went on,

She becomes lonesome child.

She look pale blue,

Looking for some clue.

Can’t  THEY see that?

 Why  THEY do that?


Sometimes we can’t see light at the end of the tunnel.

I wish the best of all who read it.

The meaning of “VON”, which is Icelandic for “hope”.

Let’s hear the heartbeat of beginning,

Eternal poems of time beginning.

Searching for something that start a new page,

Hear my indomitable voice in solitude of space.

People look up at me with hatred and disgust,

Believe me your body will decay to dust.

Hope for a place that bring you to your knees,

Misery and suffering made me to shiver and freeze.

Reaching the end of the rope,

It’s not too late to change the fate.

One day you will find a way,

Hope will guide you and misery fades away.

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